Coming to
the AUX
in 2024

Chef Qs Kitchen

Chef Qs kitchen hosts upscale underground dining events, catering and private chef services. They also develop agricultural and culinary curricula…

Well Beings Chicago

At Well Beings Chicago, we provide programming that promotes total wellness. Our goal is to cultivate, nurture and restore well beings now and…

Embrace Your Crown

Embrace Your Crown is a salon and beauty bar that will be offering all hair care needs. Our main focus is a healthy and attention grabbing crown (hair).  

Studio AUX

The Studio Aux will produce and support multiple podcasts, produce and record music and voice overlays, and support…

The Laundry Cafe

The Laundry Cafe offers a welcoming community space where we gather, wash clothes, sip coffee and enjoy one another while we clean…

Sunshine Enterprises

Sunshine Enterprises empowers local entrepreneurs in underserved areas to grow their businesses and transform their communities through the avenues of training, coaching…

TBF Diagnostic

TBF Diagnostic provides simple and easy testing and has partnered with a clinical laboratory for timely results. When you know better, you can do better. 

The Growing Season

The Growing Season is a meditation and self-awareness studio that will partner with local practitioners and national organizations to bring mindfulness…  

Pop-Up Market

The Aux pop-up market will provide opportunities for even more Black-owned businesses!

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