TBF Diagnostic

TBF Diagnostic provides simple and easy testing and partnered with a clinical laboratory for timely resultsWhen you know better, you can do better. Tests  can help guide individual health journeys.


  • Blood tests
  • DNA testing
  • Drug screening
  • IV hydration


  • Employs 3 full-time jobs
  • Serves 20-30 people daily
  • Supports 3 Black-owned business vendors
  • Engages people in knowing their health status


  • Physical – engages people in knowing their health status

About Takala Fomond

Takala Brizell Fomond, The Owner/Operator of TBF Diagnostic in Evanston, Illinois, has over 21 years of experience in the healthcare field.  With a background in nursing and various skills, Takala opened TBF Diagnostic to provide essential healthcare guidance.  Drawing from her work at Life Source Blood  Donation Center and as a contracted phlebotomist for military clearance events, Takala’s expertise allows her to confidently handle various medical procedures.  She is dedicated to helping individuals overcome health challenges, whether battling diseases or preventing acute disorders and hospitalizations.  Takala’s commitment extends to the community, as she organizes health fairs and other initiatives, including partnering with Evanston Public Library.  Through TBF Diagnostic, Takala fulfills her passion for helping others.

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