What We Do

Our Mission

The AUX is a commercial hub dedicated to healing, wellness, and racial equity – a space co-created and owned by the community. We offer greater access to wellness services by practitioners of color, and strengthen the ecosystem for Black owned businesses.


We are curating a vibrant community wellness hub through holistic and culturally responsive modalities that support total well-being.


We are supporting entrepreneurs of color and social enterprises that provide a full spectrum of services, products and experiences where our community is consciously uplifted.


We are transforming a vacant property into a beautiful, environmentally sustainable building that emphasizes a quadruple bottom line for cultural, social, economic and environmental impact. This includes:

  • 16,000 sq ft. of renovated commercial space dedicated to small businesses of color
  • 10+ Black owned businesses lifted collectively
  • 30+ local jobs provided
  • Promotes wellness for all of Evanston
  • Provides inclusive pathways to community wealth
  • Creates an inclusive and welcoming destination