Chef Qs Kitchen

About Chef Q. Ibraheem

Chef Q. Ibraheem is an award-winning chef, educator and advocate. She was a 2021 CNN Hero and 2021 Red Cross Disaster Services Hero Awardee for her efforts to prepare and delivery healthy foods to hundreds of families during the pandemic.

“I'm excited to work amongst a team of other Black and Brown business owners at THE AUX that will help to invest not only in our future decision makers but are investing in the future of our community.”

Chef Qs Kitchen

Chef Qs kitchen hosts upscale underground dining events, catering and private chef services. They also develop agricultural and culinary curricula that promotes cultural awareness and will offer cooking and gardening classes for youth, nonprofits and corporate teams. 



  • Upscale underground dining events
  • Catering and private chef services
  • Culinary training curriculum
  • Cooking and gardening classes


  • Employs 8 people
  • Provides culinary arts training and career development
  • Provides youth and families opportunities to learn healthy cooking and gardening skills
  • Heals and prepares others from the inside out by using healthy foods as preventative medicine


Physical, emotional, financial, & community wellness