Studio AUX

The Studio Aux will produce and support multiple podcasts, produce and record music and voice overlays, and support the audio sound system for The Aux Evanston. The ability to tell your own story and connect with community through media is one of the most utilized ways to promote wellness.


  • Podcast recording
  • Music recording and voice overlays
  • Media training
  • Music and tech support for Aux events and rentals


  • Employs 2-3 staff
  • Serves 20-30 customers weekly
  • Provides an opportunity for the community to tell their own story
  • Supports health communication and increases health literacy


  • Community Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness

About Gabori Partee Sr.

Gabori is a public/motivational speaker and host of The Fitness Report Radio Show. He is an IIN Health Coach, NASM certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and has over 20 years of health and wellness experience. Gabori is also a United States Marine Corps war veteran.  Gabori is also owner and founder of The Fitness Representatives Gym.